Saskatoon Camaro Club

The Saskatoon Camaro Club:

In 2009, Dan Adrian had a vision of founding a club to share his love for the Chevrolet Camaro. Dan built a website and posted an ad on kijiji searching for others to share in his dream. Response was overwhelming! After a few meetings, the club went the direction of being a Physical Member Club for interaction and comradery from a web-based chat room site. The Saskatoon Camaro Club was born and in just a few short months the membership escalated to 57 members!

Thank you Dan, for sharing your dream!


 The Saskatoon Camaro Club was then estalished in November of 2009 with a hand full of members.In the spring of 2010, a board of executives with the goal in mind to establish a club for PURE CAMARO enthusiasts. Our Focus is having ALOT of FUN, while LIVING and BREATHING THE CHEVROLET CAMARO  that maybe we could help some charities along the way.


Our Club consists of all generations of Camaros in all stages of restoration. You must own a Camaro and reside in Saskatchewan. We are accepting new members who are interested in Show and Shines, Gatherings , Fun Runs, Talking Camaro, and Raising money for charity . Our current charities in focus is The Children's Hospital of Saskatoon and the MS Society.


If you own a Camaro and reside in Saskatchewan, Please MAIL the completed the Membership Application with a cheque for $25.00 to THE SASKATOON CAMARO CLUB, box 274 Vanscoy,Saskatchewan S0L 3J0. Please sign in to the website as well, when your application is received you will be granted full access to this website. The website is designed for a communication tool for our members. While your here, check out the calender of events ,our photo gallery and our sponsors. Please come to our events to join the club and meet some good people and see their AWESOME CAMAROS. May the BOWTIE live FOREVER !


We can be contacted at for any questions reguarding membership.




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